RE Home Connect has partnered with The Brand Warehouse to offer this amazing brand package.

Become a market leader for only $1,995

No extra work, get all the results.

With minimal effort on your part, you can be the most proficient agent in the market and bring an army of people to work for you at an affordable price with The Brand Warehouse by your side.

What's in your brand package?

Digital Bookshelf: Establish trust and credibility through valuable content

The Digital Bookshelf helps you generate leads on your budget, by getting in front of potential customers where they’re already thinking about buying or selling. Plus, you’ll be able to see who’s viewing your listings! Improve your success rate in pitches and contracts with our multimedia presentation of past clients and content-driven marketing techniques.

How it works!

Let us be your marketing assistant!

Do you need help with:

  • Standing out in your market
  • Building confidence in your business
  • Reach a broader audience by being memorable
  • Digital marketing to generate leads

Get the tools you need to effectively market your value to potential clients.

Real work for real clients

Will Behrens
Will BehrensArizona
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"It was very easy to get set up. Required minimum work/input from me and I'm extremely pleased with the package!"​
Julia Beckham
Julia BeckhamArizona
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"I like that all marketing tools are touched (branding, logo, slogan, Instagram, and Facebook). With no experience and lack of patience, really, it's nice to have it all done for you. I also enjoyed being a part of the process, even though you did 99% of the work."​
Diana Suttles
Diana SuttlesCalifornia
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"The finished product was absolutely amazing! I already received compliments from other agents. The process was seamless and smooth." ​
Preston Hicks​
Preston Hicks​Utah
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"The Brand Warehouse team was phenomenal, top to bottom! Terrific communication, amazing creativity, and much needed advice and guidance throughout the process!"​
"I believe I beat out several agents in San Francisco as a first time listing agent in the market because of how well I presented myself via my branding."
Cathy P.
So, What is The Brand Warehouse?

Every agent needs a brand, and if you didn’t know, it is much more than a logo.

The Brand Warehouse is a design firm producing high-end visuals for real estate professionals. We provide the much needed edge in a competitive market to propel you on your journey to looking like a seasoned professional.

Foundational Pieces

Social Media


Agents with quality branding will have a leg up in this market on those who don't.


For those looking to build the foundation of their brand identity.

+ monthly fee $49 - web hosting
What's Included:
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Email Signature
  • Letterhead
  • Flyer/brochure
  • Business card
  • Listing Signs
  • Social Media Templates
  • Website + Edits (1 round a month)
  • Property listing Videos (per property)
  • Marketing Optimization Tips + Tutorials


For those looking for social media monthly management

$180 / per month
What's Included:
  • All the Essential plan features
  • Posts on social media
    (60+ posts a month)
  • Custom social media post
  • Digital Bookshelf (Lead generator)
  • Ongoing support
  • Cancel anytime


For those with ad budgets looking to expand in one or more markets

Brand Management Add On
What's Included:
  • All the Growth plan features
  • Single property sites
  • Ads using Bookshelf + Listings
  • Ongoing support
  • Cancel anytime
Launch your brand in 30 days

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